喂鸡也能玩出新花样:哈尔滨一小伙用鸡摆造型冯春哲 ,爆红网络-英语巴士冈山智树
Videos about feeding chickens become hits at online video platforms recently.In the videos官海无涯 ,李爱静 crowds of chickens pose different images of animals and Chinese characters."It is not very hard. I just need to place chickens’ fodder in designed shape before feeding them兽人之雄雌 ," said Wang Lipeng我的大小老婆 , owner of a chicken farm in Yanshou county绝恋十六年 , Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province.Wang细川典江 , 25求福堂 , started his chicken farm three years ago after resigning from a real estate agency in the county."In recent years迫不及待造句 , people concern more about health and pollution-free food become popular in the market拍手治百病 , so I got the idea of starting the business黑金教父 ," he said. "I spend all my saving of about 400霍尔瓦特大街 ,lf2下载 000 yuan ($58招聘狗 ,157.28) building the chicken farm in a mountainous area 30 kilometers from the central county策梦侯 , producing green chicken and eggs.""The creative methods of feeding can bring me more joy in daily life and more power to expand my business佐伯春菜 ," he added.A video grab shows crowds of chickens pose images of Chinese characters jixiang郭靖安 , which means propitiousness.